7 strengths of stone

Releasing the natural power of stone

There is something uniquely exciting about turning an abundant natural resource into products that enrich modern life. And our search is not yet over: there’s still so much to be discovered. Rockfon is leveraging the strengths of stone to create ceiling tiles and panels that meaningfully address the biggest challenges facing our world.

Girl climbing rocks


Fire Resilience

Withstand temperatures above 2000°F

Non-combustible materials, such as stone wool, play a crucial role in improving the fire-resistance of buildings, boasting good thermal properties that help limit the spread of fire and assist in ensuring a safer environment for all occupants.


Acoustic Capabilities

Absorb or enhance sounds.

Every element of a building’s construction contributes to its acoustic characteristics. Stone wool is highly sound absorptive and contributes to the acoustic environment of buildings by significantly impacting our comfort, productivity and well-being.



Increased performance and greater stability with lower costs.

Durability is an important factor when selecting a construction material for your project. A durable construction product will last the lifetime of the building, and will not require maintenance.


Health & Safety

Stone wool ensures health and safety.

Well-designed and constructed, buildings contribute to good health, create comfortable surroundings, and enhance our ability to concentrate and perform key tasks. It is vital that the buildings in which we live, work, learn, and heal are made of construction materials that are positive for our health and safety, and ensure our everyday comfort and well-being.


Moisture Resistance

Water repellency is one of the key properties of stone wool.

Water is central to our very existence. However, when it comes to buildings, it can often be the cause of major problems, including mold, rot and corrosion. In construction projects, it’s essential that we select ceiling materials that do not absorb moisture if they are exposed to water. Stone wool is one of these materials.



Reusable and recyclable materials.

Rock is one of the most abundant raw materials on the planet, but we still need to make better use of our planet’s resources. We have developed our technology in a way that allows us to use waste from other industries as alternative raw material.